5 Letter Words That End with T

5 Letter Words That End with T

Five-letter words that end with "t" are abundant in the English language, ranging from common and simple to rare and complex. In this article, we will explore a variety of these words and their meanings.

  1. Abbot - A religious leader in the Christian faith who is in charge of an abbey or monastery.

  2. Anent - Meaning "with regard to" or "concerning," anent is a somewhat archaic word that is still occasionally used today.

  3. Aport - This word can have several meanings, but it is most commonly used as an adverb meaning "on the port side" of a ship.

  4. Aught - Another archaic word, aught means "anything" or "nothing" and is often used in the phrase "for aught I know."

  5. Blunt - This word can have multiple meanings, but it most commonly refers to something that is not sharp or pointed, or to someone who is straightforward and honest to the point of being insensitive.

  6. Bract - A bract is a modified leaf or scale that grows at the base of a flower or inflorescence.

  7. Britt - This word is a Scottish dialectal term that means "to snip" or "to clip."

  8. Chert - A hard, fine-grained sedimentary rock that is often used as a building material or in making tools.

  9. Clift - A clift is a steep, rugged cliff or rock face.

  10. Coapt - This word means "to fit together" or "to join," often used in reference to the process of fitting a prosthetic limb to a patient.

  11. Court - While court can refer to a variety of things, including a legal system or a place where a monarch resides, it can also mean to seek the attention or favor of someone, as in "to court a potential mate."

  12. Coven - A coven is a group of witches who meet regularly to practice their craft.

  13. Craft - Craft can have multiple meanings, but it is most commonly used to refer to a skilled trade or profession, such as woodworking or pottery.

  14. Croft - A small farm or piece of land, often with a cottage or farmhouse on it.

  15. Crypt - A crypt is an underground chamber or room, often used for burial purposes.

  16. Culet - The culet is the small facet at the bottom of a diamond or other gemstone.

  17. Dight - An archaic term meaning "to dress" or "to adorn."

  18. Digit - A finger or toe, or a numerical figure.

  19. Draft - Draft can have multiple meanings, but it is most commonly used to refer to a preliminary version of a document or to the process of selecting or recruiting someone.

  20. Drift - Drift can refer to a variety of things, including a mass of snow or ice pushed by the wind or a general tendency or direction, as in "to drift away from a group."

  21. Duvet - A soft quilt filled with down or other materials, often used as a bedspread.

  22. Egest - To eject or discharge waste matter from the body.

  23. Elect - Elect can have multiple meanings, but it is most commonly used as an adjective meaning "chosen" or "selected," or as a noun to refer to a group of people who have been chosen for a particular position or honor.

  24. Evert - To turn something outward or inside out.

  25. Feist - A small, scrappy dog, often used for hunting small game.

  26. Flirt - To playfully tease or show romantic interest in someone, often without serious intentions.

  27. Foist - To force something unwanted or unnecessary onto someone else

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