5 Letter Words That End with AT

5 Letter Words That End with AT

Five-letter words that end with "AT" are abundant in the English language and can range from common and simple to rare and complex. In this article, we will explore a variety of these words and their meanings.

  1. Ameba - A single-celled organism that moves by means of pseudopodia, or temporary extensions of its cytoplasm.
  2. Arhat - A term used in Buddhism to refer to someone who has achieved enlightenment or nirvana.
  3. Bloat - To become swollen or distended with fluid or gas.
  4. Bract - A modified leaf or scale that grows at the base of a flower or inflorescence.
  5. Combat - A fight or battle between two individuals or groups.
  6. Decant - To pour a liquid from one container into another, typically to separate the liquid from any sediment or debris.
  7. Defat - To remove the fat from something, often in cooking.
  8. Derat - To remove or eradicate rats from an area.
  9. Expat - Short for "expatriate," someone who lives outside their home country.
  10. Format - The arrangement or layout of something, often used to refer to the layout of a document or digital media.
  11. Gloat - To express pleasure or satisfaction at someone else's misfortune.
  12. Grant - To give something to someone, often in the form of a financial award or benefit.
  13. Habitat - The natural environment in which an animal or plant species lives.
  14. Inapt - Not suited or appropriate for a particular purpose or situation.
  15. Rabat - A type of collar worn on a shirt or blouse that is folded over and fastened at the neck.
  16. React - To respond to something, often in an emotional or instinctive way.
  17. Rebat - A type of discount or refund given to a customer after a purchase.
  18. Reheat - To heat up again, often in reference to food or leftovers.
  19. Remit - To send money or payment to someone, or to forgive or cancel a debt.
  20. Repeat - To do or say something again, often in the same way as before.
  21. Splat - A sound made by something hitting a surface with force.
  22. Squat - To crouch down or sit on one's heels, often in a low or cramped position.
  23. Staat - A German word meaning "state" or "government."
  24. Sweat - To perspire, or to work hard at something.

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