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It has the line “The discovery of America… opened up fresh ground for the rising bourgeoisie”
Letters, pocket knives, c rations & steel helmets are among the tangible items referred to in the title of this modern war classic
An 1869 presidential pardon was granted to this man due in part to a plea by the Medical Society of Harford County Maryland
This man made lists perhaps to cope with depression a set of lists he published in 1852 made his name synonymous with a type of book
The busiest passenger port in the UK it shares its name with a capital of one of the original 13 states
After its completion in the late 19th c. it was called a truly tragic street lamp & a high & skinny pyramid of iron ladders
Part of the largest contiguous land empire during the 1200s & 1300s today its the worlds second-largest landlocked country
In 1898 what’s been called the first blockbuster art show was devoted to him & put on for Queen Wilhelmina’s coronation
A writer & producer of this movie said he wanted it to be like a western or James Bond film, only it takes place in the ’30s
At one time a province of the Roman Empire this kingdom is known to Arabic scholars as Al-Maghrib Al-Aqsa the far west
One of the participants in an 1170 event at this place said, “Let us away, knights; he will rise no more”
Originally relating to a story of suffering this word now more commonly refers to strong emotion of any kind
Monty Norman, the composer of this character’s theme, said the staccato riff conveyed sexiness, mystery & ruthlessness
In math, it’s a rotated V; in society, it’s a feeling of some marginalized or underrepresented people
The name of this pungent gaseous compound is ultimately derived from the top god of the ancient Egyptians
This public agency runs the U.S.A.s busiest bus terminal opened in 1950 for commuters awed by its polished steel & stone
In a periodical in 1807 he called New York City Gotham Gotham! Most enlightened of cities
Over 700 years after its traditional 1252 founding date, this port city became associated with a psychological response
A 1940 headline about this included failure liability when it came to offense & stout hearts no match for tanks
Based on an off-Broadway play with just 3 characters, it won the Best Picture Oscar & the actors in all 3 roles were nominated
Of the 13 nations through which the Equator passes, it’s the only one whose coastline borders the Caribbean Sea
In 1966 the year of his death he shared plans for an experimental prototype community in Florida
James Cooks account of a 1774 visit here records an object near 27 feet long and upwards of 8 feet over the breast or shoulders
Known for more philosophical works he wrote the play La Mandragola in which Florentines are rewarded for immoral actions
It says, “The mind is its own place, & in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. What matter where, if I be still the same”
Born in 1932 & the son of a percussionist in the CBS Radio Orchestra, he’s been nominated for 53 Oscars
At a seminary that classified students’ degree of faith, Emily Dickinson was “without” this, which she compares to a bird in a poem
Neal Stephenson coined this word in his 1992 novel “Snow Crash”; it was later shortened by a company to become its new name
Last name of 3 men who missed the 1927 premiere of The Jazz Singer because a 4th of that name had died hours before
The first name of this title character is from Hebrew for devoted to god his last name suggests he can be easily duped
A vaccine against this respiratory illness came out in the U.S. in 1914 & eventually combined with 2 other vaccines
On Twitter in 2023 this food franchise followed an exact total of 11 accounts that included Victoria Beckham Mel B & Herb Alpert
Formed some 10000-15000 years ago & with an average depth of only about 150 feet its named for a man who sailed through it in 1728
An M.L.B team got this name in 1902 after some of its players defected to a new crosstown rival leaving young replacements
She made her big screen debut as a teen named Laurie in a 1978 film & in 2022 she played that role for the 7th & last time
His epitaph in a church in England reads Sometime General in the Army of George Washington
Describing these Captain Cook wrote The manner in which they are done must certainly cause intollerable pain
The co-founder of this magazine that began in 1967 said its name comes primarily from a song title but noted a band name as well
In 1960 Jean-Paul Sartre wrote of this man’s “Victorious attempt… to snatch every instant of his existence from his future death”
Efforts recently began to reintroduce 2 species of oyster to help restore the contaminated waters of this a national memorial
Billy Joel said, “I think the one time I didn’t write the music” before the lyrics was for this 1989 hit, “and I think it shows”
The original 1900 printing of this book was in a pale green dust jacket stamped in a vivid jewel tone of green
Trained as an engineer, Premier Li Peng championed this in 1992; it would ultimately displace over a million people
he Vietnam War crypt at this memorial has been empty since the remains once there were identified & moved to St. Louis
Windermere Thirlmere & Grasmere are 3 of the sites that helped give a 19th Century Literary Group this name
A Geena Davis Institute study found shortly after a 2012 franchise film’s release, women’s participation in this sport rose 105%
The first current country to include its particular religion in its full name, it also has that religion in the name of its capital
In bold letters, it was the 2-word historic N.Y. Times headline for August 9, 1974, followed by “he urges a time of healing”
It was originally a code word used by telegraph operators Barack Obama used it in his Twitter handle
A senator called the 1949 pact that formed this a “fraternity of peace” that “makes the obligation plain… for us & others” Final Jeopardy Clue