Final Jeopardy Answers Blog Posts

Of the 9 countries that have produced a U.N. Secretary-General, this nation is the only one from its hemisphere
Near Kirkbean on Solway Firth U.S. Vice Admiral Jerauld Wright presented a memorial plaque honoring this man
Zvartnots International Airport serves this capital & has the code EVN, all letters found in the city’s name
The glandular organ that starts to shrink at puberty is known for being where the cells key to adaptive immunity develop
The foremost member of the “Sochi Six,” which was similar to a previous U.S. group, he died in a plane crash in 1968
Virginia Woolf disliked this book that was “cutting out the explanations and putting in the thoughts between dashes”
“Captured in Egypt by the British Army 1801” is painted on the side of this artifact named for the city where it was found
Never even a soldier, this man lied that his nickname came from a shrapnel wound while fighting in the Argonne
In his “Natural History” Pliny described it as “Argentum Vivum”
First appearing in an English dictionary in 1623, mesonoxian means pertaining to this word
The Kipchak Khanate is another name for this group that was eventually defeated by Tamerlane in 1395
This man with a force named after him published an 1835 scientific treatise on the physics of billiard balls
A peasant who became the King of Phrygia created this intricate problem that was solved in 333 B.C.
The smallest inland sea in the world, it’s completely within the territory of a single country & connects 2 other larger seas
From 1689 to 1690 & 1701 to 1702 he served as a member of parliament representing the constituency of Cambridge University
Best known for a novel she wrote at least 6 full-length plays & collaborated with Moms Mabley on a 1931 broadway revue
The 42-foot-high statue of Athena in this state capital is the tallest indoor statue in the United States
Maybe because he was too Baroque Bernini was rejected as a name for a member of this group created in 1983
Telling the story of a duke, a jester & the jester’s daughter, it was written by poet Francesco Maria Piave
Early 1900s labels for this beverage brand featured a beaver sitting on a log at the top of a map
Rembrandt’s only seascape is set here, where the main figure once said, “Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?”