Roblox Legends Rewritten Codes for March 2023

Roblox Legends Rewritten Codes for March 2023

Roblox Legends of Speed was a popular game on Roblox that allowed players to race and compete against each other in various tracks. However, it has been shut down and replaced by a new game called Legends of Speed Rewritten.

Roblox Legends ReWritten Codes list (March 2023)

Legends ReWritten Codes (Active)Rewards list
 15MVISITHATRedeem for fire fist hat (NEW)
TYFOR20MVISITSRedeem for 20 Free Blessing Rolls
THNXFOR20KSUBSYTRedeem for 20 Free Blessing Rolls
TYFOR65KRedeem for 10 free blessing rolls
MARINEFORDRAID2022Redeem for 5 Blessings ()
15MVISITSHATRedeem to unlock the Fire Fist hat
60KBLESSINGCODERedeem for 9 free blessing rolls
CLFGS55KRedeem to unlock the Flame Great Sword
ANNIVERSARYPARTYRedeem for Teal Party hat
ANNIVERSARYBLESSINGRedeem for 10 free blessing rolls
THXFOR150KRedeem for 15x Blessing Rolls
50KLIKESFLAMERedeem for Free Blessing Rolls
SDSUPDATERedeem for 12x Blessing Rolls
MELIOOFUSRedeem for seven blessing rolls
45KVIDEORedeem for 5 Free Blessing Rolls
LEWURUKRAIDRedeem for free blessing rolls
TENMILLIONVISITSRedeem for ten blessing rolls
1YEARANNIVERSARYRedeem for seven blessing rolls
HAPPYNEWYEAR2022Redeem for five blessing rolls
WEHIT40KLIKESRedeem for four blessing rolls
CHRISTMAS2021EVENTRedeem for ten blessing rolls
PATCHEDRedeem for five blessing rolls
100KFAVORIRESRedeem for ten blessinng rolls

Expired Old Codes list

  • 30KLIKES
  • 15KCODE
  • 10KLIKES
  • 25KLIKES