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Contexto Answer for Today (June 20 2024)

Hello everyone. You are here because you are looking to find Today's Contexto answer for (June 20 2024). Contexto is a daily word game and you can play it online at All you need to do is to find the secret word, the words were sorted by an artificial intelligence algorithm according to how similar they were to the secret word. After submitting a word, you will see its position. The secret word is number 1. Below you can find the answer for (June 20 2024), in case something is wrong or you find a mistake, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you.

HINT: Use the given hints below and try to guess the word before revealing the correct answer.

1. The first letter of the answer is: G


2. The last letter of the answer is: L


3. There are 2 vowels in the hidden word:





Small stones, or fragments of stone; very small pebbles, often intermixed with particles of sand.
A deposit of small calculous concretions in the kidneys and the urinary or gall bladder; also, the disease of which they are a symptom.
To cover with gravel; as, to gravel a walk.
To run (as a ship) upon the gravel or beach; to run aground; to cause to stick fast in gravel or sand.
To check or stop; to embarrass; to perplex.
To hurt or lame (a horse) by gravel lodged between the shoe and foot.

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