Contradictions in Lauren’s stories

  • HER FATHER: Variations in stories . . . In her book Satan's Underground, she says her natural father [Frank Cole Willson] left home when she was four, and she didn’t see him again until she was fifteen. She told other people her father was present at satanic rituals she attended throughout childhood, or that he had an incestuous relationship with her, or that he was part of the satanic and pornographic ring, and that he died in 1983. The truth is, Frank Willson was her adoptive father; he left home when she was eight or nine, and he saw her many times in the intervening years, during vacations and holidays. Frank was a Christian doctor who died in 1965.

  • HER MOTHER: Often called stepmother. Stories of mother’s abusive behavior have varied from physical only to sexual abuse, including selling Laurel into pornography, prostitution, and satanism. In truth, she was Lauren's mother by adoption (not a stepmother by marriage), a strict Christian woman who sometimes had a temper.

  • HER SISTER: Laurel has claimed to be an only child (told to friends, implied in Satan's Underground). In 1975 she claimed to have sister named Betty who “wants to either put me in a mental institution or kill me.” Her real sister, Willow, is a missionary. Laurel was raised with Willow, and she lived with Willow, her husband, and their family during high school.

  • ABUSE: Laurel says in 1985 she was first able to admit to being abused. Yet she has made multiple accusations of abuse over the past thirty years against her mother, father, brother-in-law, school personnel, purported lesbian church members, or by alleged pornography and prostitution rings.

  • SATANISM: In 1985, Laurel first mentioned having involvement with satanism, after two major satanic ritual abuse cases became news. This one contradicted all her previous abuse stories.

  • HER SCARS: Lauren has her mother or pornography/prostitution leaders or satanists for making the scars on her arms. Actually, three people observed her cutting herself, and others were told by Laurel herself that her wounds were self-inflicted.

  • HER “CHILDREN”: Varying stories over time: she is sterile, or she has had two children, both of whom were killed in snuff films, or she has had three children killed, two killed in snuff films and one killed at a satanic ritual. She claims to have borne these children during her teens or during her twenties, and that she lived two years in a "breeder" warehouse. In reality, there is no evidence she has ever been pregnant.

  • RITUAL INVOLVEMENT: States in Satan’s Underground that her involvement in satanic rituals ended after her father’s death (1965), yet she told the parents of the McMartin preschool children that she was involved in satanic rituals through 1985-1986 with Virginia McMartin and others. The truth is, no proof has been found for any satanic involvement.

  • CHILD PORN: States in Satan’s Underground that she was involved in making child porn films and magazines during the 1940s and 1950s (dates are not given, but required by Lauren's age). Yet according to experts at the FBI, child porn films and magazines were all but nonexistent during this time.[71]

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