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Posted by Fred Currie on January 06, 2004 at 17:02:50:

Before I began attending Mars Hill. Mike Borland invited me to come to the Christian Discount Book store. They were having a sale. Bob and several of the Mars Hill regulars planned to meet there. It was a fun time for fellowship and to talk about books. There was a man that came into the store to buy a Bible. Perhaps he saw us asking Bob about books so he asked Bob's opinion, or maybe Bob struck up a conversation with him. I am not certain how it got started. But, I distinctly remember that the man was in excellent physical condition, and Bob asked him if he was a body builder. The man laughed and said, "No, I work for UPS." The Bible he was looking for was the Scoffield Reference Bible. He said someone at his church recommended it. He was a new believer and he did not know what to look for in a Bible. Bob was very excited to talk with him. He directed him away from Scoffield to the NIV. I think this happened back in the late 80's when Walter Martin was still alive. So, I knew who Bob was through Walter's Bible study, but had never hung out with him. Perhaps this is not that interesting of a story on the surface, but here's what made me think of it. After we left the book store, we all meet at Coco's or, was it Norm's? Bob talked about what a great guy the UPS man was. He was really impressed by him. Bob said, "I think God sent us to that book store just to talk to that guy." My respect for Bob grew at that point because he was very concerned about this new Christian getting a good start. He was not too busy or too elite to talk to a regular working man off the street. I was also challenged by Bob because I had my own copy of the Scoffield reference Bible that the folks at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa book store had recommended. At that point, I was ignorant of theology and the many problems with dispensationalism. And so my presuppositions were challenged and my understanding of Christianity was broadened by Bob's relentless arguments and relentless Christian charity.

Jude 3
Fred Currie

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