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Posted by Gretchen Passantino on December 29, 2003 at 11:28:00:

In Reply to: What Would Bob Do? posted by Paula Popejoy on November 29, 2003 at 03:06:58:

I appreciate your comments and your respect for Bob. I think he would have been embarrassed to be used as a measuring rod for one's witnessing and apologetics activities, though I don't doubt your commitment. I remember Bob often telling the story of a conversation he had with Gene Kirby, the man used by God to lead him to the Lord, not long after he had become a Christian. Bob was trying to express his respect for Gene and concluded, "Gene, I want to be a Gene Kirby Christian just like you!" Gene chuckled and responded, "Bob, I have enough trouble trying to be a Gene Kirby Christian. God doesn't want you to be a Gene Kirby Christian, he wants you to be a Bob Passantino Christian." And that's why, today, thirty some years later, Bob Passantino is the irreplaceable Bob Passantino and not the mediocre imitation of Gene Kirby, wonderful man of God that Gene is. So I'll leave you with this -- be the best Paula Christian you can be, and God will bless you for it, whether you turn out a little or a lot like Bob Passantino Christian!

: I have so many thoughts each day about Bob, it's hard to only write in this forum once! The services were so wonderful, hearing what Bob meant to everyone, and seeing his influence, and the influence of Christ through him. It's easy for me to be non-social at occasions like this, but thinking about What Would Bob Do?, I started talking with the lady I sat next to, "Dottie" I believe. She said Bob and Gretchen had saved her life the day she was going to commit suicide years ago. She was brought over to their house as a last resort, and they ministered to her. She credits being alive because of what they did for her. Then they helped her get out of the Jehovah's Witnesses cult. And then her family got out also. Then they made a movie about it all, and go around the country now ministering to other searching people. And she credits it to Bob and Gretchen's being used by the Lord.
: Back at their house afterwards, I met a Messianic Jew who had never even met Bob and Gretchen, but had heard them on the radio, or just heard about them, and knew he would be welcome to come to their house. What Would Bob Do?, I thought. We had a great talk, and I realized how usually I had left those kinds of talks up to Bob before! I shared with him some of the Passantino views I could tell he'd never heard before, like Joshua 21 which says ALL of the promises for Israel's land have ALREADY been fulfilled, so there is nothing keeping back the Second Coming of Christ. I shared with him how alot of evangelicalism comes out of dispensational thought, and then what the historic teaching of Christianity has been. I invited him to stay in touch with Gretchen and AIA, and hopefully he will.
: While having that wonderful lunch (thank you for providing such a feast!), I got in a passionate theological discussion with
: Gretchen's brother whom I now dearly call "Calvinist Cal", and an old professor of mine Ralph Mackenzie, and inside thought, "Is this the wrong occasion to debate like this? But then I thought, What Would Bob Do?, and continued. The conversation ended up opening nice doors for future dialogue, and was edifying and helpful!
: I also talked with Gretchen's sister Beverly who had come in from India. She was so nice, a wonderful woman, and expressed how that even though she had different beliefs than us, she felt included, and felt respected for her views. That's what Bob and Gretchen do, include and respect. It was deeply moving to me that she could see those fruits in the rest of us. Those aren't virtues that come naturally to me, but Bob and Gretchen have rubbed off enough to where they're evident a little, and hopefully more each day!
: I many not always know what Jesus would do, since He is God and I'm not, but sometimes I can guess What Bob Would Do, and it's been fun trying! Including the un-included in conversations, talking about things with good content, respecting, counseling, teaching, representing Jesus Christ.
: I like hearing the things you're thinking about Bob in this forum, and would like to hear more! It's a daily getting-used-to, a daily "loss" although we know where he is and are thrilled for him, but it's hard. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, they've helped me alot.
: Much love, Paula

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