Re: Truth mattered to Bob more than anyone I have ever met

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Posted by Gretchen Passantino on December 18, 2003 at 15:00:11:

In Reply to: Truth mattered to Bob more than anyone I have ever met posted by Mark Poggioli on December 09, 2003 at 19:38:01:

You are one of Bob's favorite people, Mark. There are many people who know about you, your fine mind, your love of Christ only because Bob used you as an example so many times. God has given you great gifts to further his kingdom. Only he knows how long you have to use them and to follow His leading. Bob never expected that God would say 52 years is enough. But he lived as though at any moment God would call him home. Don't put off for the future what God wants you to do. That future might be much shorter than you think, and you will have failed to do what God has put in your heart to do. Do it and be blessed.

: I knew Bob Passantino for 20 years. It's hard to avoid hagiography when I think about Bob and the impact he had on my life. I can't think of anyone I respect more than Bob. He was utterly REAL. Bob was totally unpretentious even though his intellectual attainments were staggering. I have often maintained that if reincarnation was true, Bob was a reincarnated Socrates. He obviously didn't care about money or prestige or position. He cared about Truth, Jesus and he dearly loved his family including his exceptional-in-every-way wife Gretchen. He also cared about people who didn't know his Lord, and used all his powers to persuade them of the truth of the Gospel. Maybe instead of saying Socrates I should have said: Apostle Paul. Bob matched in many ways the greatest missionary of all time: Saul of Tarsus. At this point you might say: wow, this guy is going way over the top. NO NO NO. Bob was all that. His loss is both incalculable and yet fully planned in the time tables of Eternity. Lord, thank you for the incredible gift of Bob's life and ministry.

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