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Answers In Action

Answers In Action Articles: Bible

The Testimony of Two or Three Witnesses: We Can Trust the Factuality of the Gospel, by Bob and Gretchen Passantino
The Archko Volume
Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
Sin unto death and Sin not unto death in I John
How the New Testament Quotes the Old Testament
The Rabbi Argues for Apostolic Support, the literary beauty and logical
Does Jesus Teach that God Is Unjust?
The Book of Jasher, Is it a lost book of the bible?
Is the Bible Reliable? The Passantinos defend the reliability of bible translations
There and Then, Here and Now, Where and When? A Few Keys to Understanding Prophecy.
Seven Principles For Recognizing Canonical Books
The Mysterious Case of the Missing Q, The Passantinos discuss the Q documentary hypothesis as used by Earl Doherty in an attempt to discredit the authenticity of the New Testament Gospels during a debate with Lee Stobel, author of The Case for Christ
Answers from the Bible, What Does the Bible Mean by Temptation? By Bob and Gretchen Passantino
Jesus & Paul by J. Gresham Machen
Letter from First Consul Publius Lentulus to Caesar Tiberius, a hoax, description of Christ Jesus
Answers from the Bible, The Worship of Jesus By Bob Passantino
The Gates of Hell. By Bob and Gretchen Passantino
The Biblical Toolman: Three Biblical Doctrines in One Handy Passage. Bob Passantino
Is the Gospel of Thomas Reliable? by Michael J. Bumbulis
How Far Can We Trust The Bible?

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