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Chuch Going Affects Voting Patterns


Politics and GovernmentA study this week from USA Today shows that voters who say they go to church every week are more apt to vote conservatively -- or at least Republican -- than those who go less frequently or not at all. An exception is that African-Americans who attend church weekly are as likely to vote Democratic as African-Americans who attend church less regularly or not at all. There also doesn't seem to be a great difference in voting patterns between church-going and non-church-going Hispanics.

The study showed that frequent church goers voted for Bush over Gore in 2000 by 20 points. Even among the general group of those who identified themselves as members of the "religious right," the church going factor was important. Bush was supported by 87% of the religious right that attended church at least once each week, but only 56% of the religious right that attended church less frequently supported Bush.

For the full story: Churchgoing Closely Tied to Voting Patterns.

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