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A New Look at an Old Earth

Resolving the Conflict Between the Bible & Science

By Don Stoner, With a Foreword by Dr. Hugh Ross
And a Preface by Chuck Smith Jr.

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If the God who created the universe also inspired the words of the Bible, there can be no contradictions between the two. Yet the popular Christian teaching that the earth is approximately 10,000 years old disagrees with modern scientific evidence. This insightful look at our incredible universe examines the facts of nature and how they compliment biblically sound interpretations of the creation account. A New Look at an Old Earth explores:





You'll discover the incredible depth of God's character, His magestic wisdom, and His awsome power in this exploration of the biblical and scientific details of His creation.

Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon 97402

This new edition (available in paperback only) is a major update, expansion, and revision of the Schroder edition (online and paperback). It contains discussions of many additional young-earth arguments, including those relating to Noah's flood. It also includes a new chapter on the surprising history of the young-earth teaching and the recent origins of flood geology. A new appendix has also been added which answers the question of whether turning water into wine was an example of God creating false evidence.

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A New Look at an Old Earth

What the Creation Institutes Are Not Telling You About Genesis

By Don Stoner, With a Foreword by Dr. Hugh Ross

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There are too many people - scientists and theologians, old earthers and young earthers - who have helped with this project to list them all here; and I fear I may forget someone if I try; still, I would like to make one mention: It is the intent that this book be comprehensible to a tired mother of five at 11:00 P.M. at the end of a hard day. I would like to thank my wife Debbie for providing the feedback to make this goal possible.

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Foreword By Dr. Hugh Ross,

President, Reasons to Believe

Home page: http://www.reasons.org/reasons
E-mail: ReasonsTS@aol.com

James, the brother of Jesus, in addressing the council at Jerusalem declared, "It is my judgement, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God (Acts 15:19)." The apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans said, "Make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother's way (Romans 14:13)." Don Stoner challenges us in the following pages to remove a great impediment to the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Instead of focusing on the now overwhelming evidence for the God of the Bible and on the complete accuracy of His Word, many within Christendom would have us discount this potent new evidence, all for the sake of clinging to the rather peripheral (to the Gospel) dogma of a recently-created universe.

This digression has effectively inoculated a large segment of secular society against taking seriously the call to faith in Christ. It also has divided the Christian community into hostile camps that focus more energy on attacking each other than on reaching nonbelievers. Worse yet, the nation's courts have come to perceive age as the central issue for the creation/evolution debate. Thus, a pretext has been provided - the lack of credibility for a thousands-of-years-old universe - for removing the Bible and the concept of creation from public education.

As Mr. Stoner emphasizes, science is man's attempt to interpret the facts of nature, while theology is man's attempt to interpret the words of the Bible. God created the universe and also is responsible for the words of the Bible. Since He is incapable of lying or deceit, there can be no contradiction between the words of the Bible and the facts of nature. Any conflict between science and theology must be attributable to human misinterpretation. Such conflicts should be welcomed, not feared or battled, for they point the way to further research and study that could resolve the apparent discrepancies.

Historically such resolutions have not only born the fruit of bringing warring parties to peace and fellowship but also provided new tools for winning souls for Christ. It is in this spirit that this book is written, and it is in this spirit that I hope this book will be read.

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About The Author

Don Stoner is a research and development scientist. He has been awarded two U.S. patents and has been involved with the development of the optical disc and the Precision Motion Chiptester.

Don was introduced to the controversy surrounding Genesis in the second grade when he came home from school and asked his father why he was taught in Sunday school that the earth was created in six days and in elementary school that it was created over a much greater period of time. Fortunately, answers were available; his grandfather, Peter W. Stoner, was the author of Science Speaks, a best seller on the subject of scientific proof of the inerrancy of prophecy and the Bible. The subject has fascinated Don since and over the years he has himself become an authority on the subject of creation.

Don and his wife Debbie have four daughters and two sons. (They are expecting their first grandchild.)

Don Stoner can be contacted at: Don.Stoner@answers.org

Science Speaks Newsletter

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Responses to A New Look at an Old Earth

"I wish to congratulate Don Stoner for his courage and compassion in producing this excellent work. Courage because, though accurate, his views run contrary to popular fundamentalist dogma. Compassion because he cares for intelligent people who have experienced unbearable tension straddling scientific discovery and young earth theories produced by people who claim there is only one way to interpret the biblical data - their way. As Roman Catholic Cardinals were afraid to look into Galileo's telescope for fear of what they might discover, some closed-minded Christians may choose not to take a look at A New Look at an Old Earth. But those who do look are likely to find an important truth about our universe."

Chuck Smith Jr., Sr. Pastor, Calvary Chapel of Capo Beach

"Your book changed my life. I can never thank you enough for what you have done. If anyone tells you that it doesn't matter what the church teaches about the age of the earth, tell them that it matters to me and to all the people who won't listen to the gospel because they think that you must reject science to be a Christian. It is important."

Guy Macon, Electronics Consultant

"A New Look at an Old Earth is a vital resource for students today. Its thesis encourages students to think analytically and brings understanding between the discrepancies of modern science and traditional interpretations of the Genesis account."

John Atkinson, Pastor, Calvary Chapel of North Long Beach, and President, of National Association Released Time Christian Education (800) 360-7943

"As a committed believer that the Bible is God's revelation to man, I can see no reason to believe that the days of Genesis 1 are of only 24-hour duration as measured by our clocks (2 Peter 3:8). Mr. Stoner's A New Look at an Old Earth, in my opinion, is a credible resolution of an age old problem which is both scientifically sound and faithful to the Word of God."

C. Davis Weyerhaeuser

"In the book, he presents evidence and arguments showing that the 'young-earth position is incompatible with the scientific evidence which God's creation provides' ... Advocates of the young-earth position may not be convinced by Stoner's arguments against their view and his arguments for the old-earth position, but they need to read his book."

Dr. John A. Witmer, Archivist, Dallas Theological Seminary

"A Welcome change indeed from the usual argumentative offerings in this field. This book is a good first step toward bringing the two communities of science and theology together in what must be a unified search, if we are to understand our beginnings. This is the best book I have seen for that purpose, and I sincerely congratulate its author and publisher."

Dr. Ronald E. Cottle, President, Christian Life School of Theology and Seminary

"By acting ignorantly concerning the age of the earth, Christians have lost credibility in the scientific community. In this book, the major arguments from creation scientist literature asserting a young earth Biblical interpretation are addressed in a simple and logical manner which will enable the reader to draw his own enlightened conclusions concerning this issue. This book should be read by all Christians, but especially those who are interested in reconciling the Bible with scientific fact.

"On a personal level, Don was the first Christian I met who was able to help me harmonize what I learned in my secular scientific training (while a non-Christian) with my study of God's Word (once I accepted Christ). Throughout the years of prayer, research and discussions that went into this book, Don's efforts have been consistently devoted to reaching fellow Christians, especially scientists, in a Spirit of love and brotherhood."

William J. Schell, Ph.D.,Director, Technology Development, Hoechst Celanese Corporation

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