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Who Are You Gonna Call? (A parable, those with ears to hear)

    Who Are You Gonna Call?
     (A parable for those 
      with ears to hear)

     One night, Mr. Mankind
journeyed down the road of Life
when he fell headlong into a deep
hole.  He lay helpless at the
bottom, in the middle of broken
glass, rusty cans, excrement, and
smelly refuse.  His legs had
broken under him, and he cried
out in searing pain.

     Next day, the curious
gathered around the edge of the
hole.  Among the sympathetic
crowd were the great religious
leaders of the world.  Everyone
agreed -- the man must be

     Mohammed shouted
down his rescue plan to the man: 
"Don't eat pork!  Don't drink
alcohol!  Pray five times a day! 
Keep the feast of Ramadan, and
make a pilgrimage to Mecca, and
you'll get out of there!"

     Buddha, meditating
under a nearby Bo Tree,
diagnosed the man's problem as
the result of Desire, and thought
he should follow the Noble
Eightfold Path.

     Philosophers put forward
their solutions.  Marx thought
that Mankind's plight was due to
the bourgeoisie's domination of
the mode of production in this
thoroughly materialistic world. 
Only class struggle and revolution
would liberate the man.

     Psychologists gathered
and studied the case.  Freud
thought the man unconsciously
made himself fall in, as a form of
oedipal rebellion, a regressive
sexual  desire  to  return to hismother's womb.

     The crowd around the
hole rejected Marx's violent
solution, and thought that Freud's
input was speculative at best.  No
one dared to attempt to rescue
the man, though, because some
said they thought they saw a
venomous snake down there near
the man.

     The crowd was stymied in
its good intentions until the New
Age Movement came along. 
"Hey down there!" They shouted
confidently, "Listen to us!  The
reason you are down there is
because your bad karma from
your past lives has caught up with
you -- that's the bad news.  The
good news is -- you are God!  We
are all God!  In fact, the hole you
are in doesn't even exist.  It's an
illusion created by the negative
energy in your life path.  Here's
an empowerment strategy:  Trust
yourself, surrender to the God
within, and let the I AM speak
from within to the negative
vibrations you're experiencing!"

     They also recommended
colonic cleansing and offered the
man a past life reading, but he
didn't have the fifty dollars 
needed for this service.

     Gradually, the crowd
around the hole dispersed.  It was
kind of a bummer just to listen to
the man moaning what people
thought was a common swear
word.  He kept moaning -- "Jesus! 

     Soon, the man was left
completely alone.  Then Jesus
came.  Without hesitation, Jesus
climbed down into the hole and
carried the man out into the light
of day.  He was freed from the
hole because Jesus was the only
one who cared enough to reach to
the root of his problem and lift
him out of his misery.

     Jesus left the man as
suddenly as he had come.  His
disciples showed the man that
Jesus had dealt once and for all
with all the bad karma of those
who put their total reliance on
Jesus as the only rescuer and
ultimate authority.

     He learned that man
cannot rescue himself by his own
efforts.  The five pillars of Islam,
the Noble Eightfold Path,
Revolution, Grounding yourself in
your own divinity -- all these
efforts will fail.  If we try to
believe we are God, or that we
can save ourselves, we are
competing with the God who
wants to save us.

     The question before you
is -- who are you going to call
when you face the "hole" of your
own mortality?  Who are you
gonna call?

"Everyone who calls upon the
Name of the Lord shall be saved"
(Romans 10:13).

The Lord's Servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will give them a change of heart leading to a knowledge of the truth
II Timothy 2:24-26

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